This brand was based on a flamingo; the pigment that this bird holds actually comes from its diet, so I imagined a natural ink product with the beak of the bird being a pen point in the logo. My decision to make three models for the ink company, Lapis Lake, Scarlet Prawn, and Jet Beak, was my desire to connect the flamingo’s nature into this company. The packaging also is indicative of the product, reflecting what the customer is purchasing in pigment.
Ink bottles (above)
Business card (left)
Sample PS4 Posters

The artwork I wanted to create reflects the themes of Arca's previous albums and work: body dysmorphia, decaying, and the color red. His art is more so about texture and the combination of elements to create a whole. This idea of introversion and self-reflection is thematic through the use of skeletons and x-rays. I used the contortionists because they represent the ways in which we “bend our arms” to society and comply with the rules and norms. I didn’t want my work to be just another project where I use Photoshop to make something visually appealing; I wanted to challenge myself and the audience to the message.
Promotional GIF (above)
Promotional poster (right)
Album Cover and Art (below)
Faux Postcard

Electric Forest Event Campaign
My inspiration for this festival was rave  culture and the nocturnal lights of the aurora borealis. I wanted to design a marketing campaign that was reflective of the loud music, natural setting and livelihood of Electric Forest and similar music venues.  All of the owls, forest silhouettes, and moons were drawn by hand and then traced into Adobe Illustrator.  The colors are definitely what make an impact in this campaign; they are blended and high intensity much like the actual artists would have on set. Because this was event was meant to be marketed across social media platforms, I made appropriate icons for the apps that can be used on desktop and mobile apps.

Promotional Poster (left)
Postcard front (above)
Banner (bottom left)
Twitter icon (middle left)
Facebook icon (middle right)
Instagram icon (bottom right)

Tulip Time Gate-fold Brochure

John and Mary Pappajohn 
Sculpture Park Poster
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